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All too often in our industry you will be given a quote on a job based on what the contractor sees, and then, after they find more issues, suddenly the cost has been bumped up higher than you were expecting, with additional fees added on. We’re not like that. We are honest men in a dishonest industry. When we meet to discuss the job, we will give you a 100% fee up front, with no hidden fees. We will give complete upfront estimates from start to finish, and calculate our fees based on a worst-case scenario so there is no room for error on pricing.


We work on multi-million dollar homes every week, and will do all that we can to respect the lives of our clients. We are professional and discrete, and pride ourselves on our confidence to get the job done as efficiently and as discrete as possible. You will not suffer any detriment to your lifestyle as we work, as our schedules are flexible enough to work whether or not you are home, based on your preferences. We are a licensed and insured roofing company and there is always a supervisor present on jobs, so rest assured that there is always someone who knows precisely what is needed and when.

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